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Service Excellence Courses

Enhance the retail workforce’s skill levels in providing excellent service to boost customers’ experiences

Makeup Store

THE ART of Retail Selling programme provides Retail Sales Professionals with communication and sales techniques to win more deals.

Participants will learn how to engage the customer, deliver the sales proposition by focusing on features and benefits, overcome objections and close the sale efficiently. 

Coffee Shop

THE ART of Service (TAoS) training programme is developed to enhance the retail workforce’s skill levels in providing excellent service to boost customers’ experiences, thereby achieving the following:
- Appreciate THE ART of Service Model
- Enable the Application of the 4Ps of TAoS
- Augment Moments of Truth to Enhance Customer Experiences


Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) Accredited Certificate Courses


Tap on this series of short, industry-relevant programmes to equip your team to better respond to the ever changing retail landscape. Train and upskill your team with skill sets in improving productivity, marketing, managing customer relationship, service excellence, service operations and visual merchandising. 

Business Team

Marketing Campaign Management RET-PCM-3005-1.1 

Upcoming intakes: 18 to 21 May (Virtual training), 26 & 27 Aug and 23 & 24 Nov 2020

Execute marketing campaigns based on creative briefs, ensure compliance with budgetary requirements and collaborate with partners closely.

doing work together

Productivity Improvement RET-INO-3007-1.1 

Upcoming intakes: 28 & 29 Sep 2020

Observe work area processes for problems, identify areas for improvement, implement appropriate productivity tools and techniques for productivity improvement and monitor and review productivity performance data.

Customer Service

Service Leadership RET-CEX-3014-1.1 

Upcoming intakes: 18 to 21 May (Virtual training), 21 & 22 Jul, 26 & 27 Oct 2020

Develop skills, knowledge and attitudes required to lead teams in delivering service excellence and role model the organisation's service vision.

Office Work

Service Planning & Implementation RET-CEX-3016-1.1

Upcoming intakes: 29 & 30 Jun, 15 & 16 Sep 2020

Manage service operations in accordance to organisational guidelines to achieve service excellence.

Knit Shop

Marketing Mix Management RET-BRM-4005-1.1

Upcoming intakes: 3 & 4 Aug and 2 & 3 Nov 2020

Evaluate, review and adjust marketing mix against marketing performance and identify marketing mix that satisfies target customers.

Teenage Students Raising Hands

Service Planning & Implementation RET-CEX-4016-1.1

Upcoming intakes: 26 to 29 May (Virtual training) and 19 & 20 Aug 2020

Develop service operations plans to deliver service excellence, evaluate service operations performance, and implement corrective actions for improvement.

Zero Waste Store

Customer Loyalty & Retention Strategy Formulation RET-CAR-4002-1.1

Upcoming intakes: 26 to 29 May (Virtual training), 7 & 8 Jul and 12 & 13 Oct 2020

Manage customer loyalty and retention programmes and evaluate customer relationship information to measure effectiveness of programmes.

Interior of Children's Clothing Store

Visual Merchandising Presentation RET-VDS-4005-1.1

Upcoming intakes: 16 & 17 Jun and 8 & 9 Sep 2020

Monitor the accuracy of displays against visual merchandising display guidelines and refine as required, communicate visual merchandising standards and cascade requirements to team members to ensure displays accurately depict products or services promoted.

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